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Is Your Vehicle Reimbursement Fair? With Higher Gas Prices Does Your Vehicle Reimbursement Program Need a Tune-up?

Available Canade and the United States

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CarDATA Consultants
CarDATA designs vehicle reimbursement solutions for North American companies.

We offer the flexibility of providing reimbursement programs to fit your requirements:

  • Cents per Kilometer
  • Fixed Payment
  • Fixed and Variable Payment

A CarDATA solution could also be a cost saving analysis, a fleet review or a total outsource solution. No one solution fits all companies and not every company should use only a car allowance to manage their mobility needs. CarDATA offers a suite of programs to choose from:

  • program analysis and design
  • car policy preparation
  • allowance program implementation
  • program communication
  • driver insurance verification
  • online mileage tracking
  • vehicle outsourcing
  • direct to bank account payment

Our core team has a multi-disciplined background of vehicle provided fleet operations, individual leasing, car allowance, computer programming and data management.

Our flexible design approach provides not only a faster solution for our clients but one that is more cost effective than any one company in the market today.

Contact us today for a no cost consultation.